A mantra being repeated quite often lately is “Data is the new oil”. 1 What is often overlooked though is that simply collecting vast amounts of data is only part of the process. Just like oil, data needs to be refined with the right tools to extract something of usefulness.

I have now been working in the vast field of data science for more than a decade and have acquired a decent amount of experience, especially in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning, in particular deep learning, and computer vision. Recently, I have started working as a data science freelancer with the focus on helping to determine the data science needs of companies, especially start-ups, and to help develop the right data science solutions for the right type of data. So if you are interested in exploring what your data can do for you and you are looking for someone experienced to assist you in the development process, feel free to contact me!

My experience include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer vision
    • Segmentation
    • Image and video classification
    • 3D reconstruction & camera calibration
  • Time series analysis & forecasting
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Clustering
  • Outlier detection
  • Real-time data processing

While I am currently working mostly with deep learning algorithms, I have experience with other machine learning algorithms, e.g. random forests, support vector machine, …

  1. https://www.economist.com/leaders/2017/05/06/the-worlds-most-valuable-resource-is-no-longer-oil-but-data